Cleveland Scene Best T-Shirt Impresario

Posted by Glen Infante on


Just a few years ago, Glen Infante was working at Kmart, with dreams of clothing design dancing in his head. Now he's making the sharpest Cavs T's in town, and he's prepped shirts and posters for rappers like Wale and Kid Cudi, among others. His initial stabs at Cavaliers duds took the internet by storm over the past year: At the same time Delonte West was going viral with his KFC "Hot sauce in my bag" rap, Infante was busting out the T-shirt to match, and he quickly sold out the first three batches. It wasn't long before Infante expanded his offerings — more Cavs gear and Browns T's, then other teams and other markets. Now his line consists of dozens upon dozens of choices, his downtown Cleveland office is brimming with online orders, and local stores like NEXT are starting to stock his wares. Seems like every day another Clevelander figures out what hoopheads already knew: Infante's churning out the sharpest gear in town.


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